Archived News


21 Dec. 2022:
Akul's mimicry attack paper accepted to NDSS 2023. Congrats!

12 Dec. 2022:
TPC CCS 2023.

05 Dec. 2022:
TPC of EthiCS 2023: co-located with NDSS.

22 Nov. 2022:
New paper on explanation methods for deep reinforcement learning accepted to USENIX Sec 2023. Congrats everyone!

9 Nov. 2022:
New paper on phishing indicators for people w/ visual impairments accepted to IEEE SP 2023. Congrats to Yaman, Divya, Smirity!

6 Oct. 2022:
MobiSys TPC 2023.

12 Sep. 2022:
Congrats to Margie on her new GROUP paper on disinformation explanation and a new WPES paper on vault app analysis (PDF)!

2 Jun. 2022:
I am co-organizing a Breakout Session at NSF SaTC meeting on AI for Security with Sagar, Anita, and Saptarshi. Please join us.

30 May 2022:
Giving a keynote at WORMA 2022

27 May 2022:
PhD Career day panel at The University of Chicago

26 May 2022:
Security panel at DLS 2022

13 Apr. 2022:
TPC of NDSS 2023

10 Apr. 2022:
Received extra funding from Jump ARCHES to support Undergraduate Summer Internship.

5 Apr. 2022:
Margie received the prestigious award from 2022 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). Congratulations!

24 Mar 2022:
Our proposal was funded by (with Carl Gunter and Bo Li)!

10 Mar 2022:
TPC of USENIX Sec 2023

21 Feb 2022:
A New Scientist article introducing our study on deepfake based phishing

09 Feb 2022:
TPC of DIMVA 2022.

03 Feb 2022:
An APNIC article introducing our DNS-over-HTTPS measurement paper

03 Feb 2022:
Joining TPC of RAID 2022

18 Jan 2022:

13 Jan 2022:
Two papers accepted to the WebConf! Congrats to Nicholas and Jaron!

13 Jan 2022:
Our team received a grant from Jump ARCHES to work on "secure patient outreach"!

10 Dec 2021:
TPC CCS 2022.

2 Dec 2021:
Our study on deduplication of Linux bug reports is accepted to NDSS 2022! Congrats to everyone!

19 Nov 2021:
Our DeepPhish paper is accepted to USENIX Security 2022! Huge congrats to Jaron, Licheng and Olivia!

29 Sep 2021:
New paper accepted to IMC '21: we did a measurement on DoH performance around the world, and explored the reasons behind regional differences. Shout-out to Rishabh, Paul, and Deepak!

10 Sep 2021:
The Web Conf 2022 TPC (Security Track)

10 Aug 2021:
Exciting news! NSF funded our project "Towards Label Enrichment and Refinement to Harden Learning-based Security Defenses" (Small; Xinyu Xing as Co-PI). Looking forward to the exciting work in the next three years! Thank you, NSF!

10 Aug 2021:
More good news from NSF: another funded project (Medium; Adam Bates as PI): "Principled Foundations for the Design and Evaluation of Graph-Based Host Intrusion Detection Systems". Thank you, NSF!

12 July. 2021:
AISec 2021 TPC

19 May 2021:
A new paper to USENIX Security 2021 on subverting active learning! Congrats Jose!

21 Apr. 2021:
Congrats to Qingying, Licheng, and Steve on their new CCS paper on adversarial attacks against phash applications!

8 Apr. 2021:
USENIX Security TPC 2022

23 Mar. 2021:
Jaron received the prestigious award from 2021 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). Congratulations, Jaron!

16 Mar. 2021:

9 Mar. 2021:
Thrilled to receive the Amazon Research Award (AI for Information Security)!

24 Feb. 2021:
New paper accepted to DLS Workshop. We release a new malware dataset for ML research. Congrats Limin!

22 Feb. 2021:

21 Feb. 2021:
Our GPS spoofing detection paper is now accepted to USENIX Security 2021!

1 Feb. 2021:

22 Dec. 2020:
A new paper accepted to NDSS 2021! Congrats to Junjie and Wenbo!

01 Dec. 2020:

26 Nov. 2020:
MobiSys 2021 TPC

19 Nov. 2020:
CCS 2021 TPC (Usability and Measurement track)

25 Oct. 2020:
A new paper accepted to AsiaCCS 2021.

02 Oct. 2020:
Two papers accepted to USENIX Security 2021. Big congrats to our students (Limin, Wenbo, Qingying, Hang, and Steve) and collaborators (Xinyu, Yang, Ali, and Arri)!

27 Jul. 2020:
Thank you NSF for the support! New funded project with Xinyu (PSU) on "Vulnerability Reproduction by Fusing Crowd and Machine Generated Data"!

18 Jul. 2020:
WWW 2021 TPC (Security, Privacy and Trust track)

9 Jun. 2020:
eCrime 2020 TPC

12 May. 2020:
AISec 2020 TPC

8 May. 2020:
Hang passed his PhD defense today!

1 May. 2020:
Very excited to be organizing the SIGKDD Workshop on Deployable Machine Learning for Security Defense!

2 Apr. 2020:
Interview with Vox on coronavirus scam and email phishing: article; video.

1 Apr. 2020:
Serving on USENIX Security 2021 TPC

25 Mar. 2020:
Serving on NDSS 2021 TPC

28 Feb. 2020:
Two papers accepted, one by IEEE SP'20, and the other one by USENIX Security'20. Big congrats to our students: Steve, Qingying, Tianrui, Jiameng, Shuofei, Jianjun, Limin, Boqin, and Ziyi!

10 Jan. 2020:
Our measurement paper on sensitive voice assistant applications accepted to WWW 2020 (TheWebConf). Congrats to Faysal, Hang, and Jiamin!

13 Nov. 2019:
Serving on the TPC of MobiSys 2020

22 Sep. 2019:
Our app usage fingerprinting paper won the IMWUT Distinguished Paper Award (2019). Congrats Zhen and Runtong!

18 Aug. 2019:
Our measurement paper on payment card industry is accepted by CCS 2019. Congrats Sazzadur!

27 Aug. 2019:
Serving on the TPC of TheWebConf 2020 (WWW) "Security, Privacy, Trust" Track.

18 Jul. 2019:
Two papers accepted by IMC 2019. Big congrats to Peng, Limin, and Mshabab!

21 May. 2019:
Joining the TPC of NDSS 2020 and IMC 2019.

9 Apr. 2019:
Congrats to Peng and Chao on their Asia CCS paper!

28 Nov. 2018:
Congrats to Hang and Peng on their very first IEEE SP paper!

31 Oct. 2018:
Big congrats to Steve and Joseph on their new AAAI 2019 paper! The paper was accepted out of 7000+ submissions.

17 Oct. 2018:
Our "LEMNA" paper just won the Outstanding Paper Award of CCS'18!

1 Aug. 2018:
A new IMC'18 paper on elite phishing detection. Congrats to Ke, Steve, Hang, and Daphne!

23 Jul. 2018:
A new CCS'18 paper on explainable deep learning. Congrats to Wenbo, Dongliang, Jun, Xinyu and Purui!

21 Jul. 2018
Recent press coverage on our spear phishing project: ACM TechNews, Science Daily, VT News, Digital Journal, The Cyberwire, The University Network, and more.

12 Jul. 2018
Recent press coverage on our GPS spoofing project: Forbes, The Wall Street Journal ACM TechNews, The Cyberwire podcast, The Register, Naked Security, BleepingComputer, Hackster, and more.

30 Jun. 2018
The Web Conference (WWW) 2019: Technical Program Committee.

25 May 2018
Press coverage on our joint project with Dashlane: Daily Express, The Sun, Daily Mail, Mirror, Security Magazine, Yahoo!, Darkreading, and more.

28 May. 2018:
Congrats to Zhen and Runtong on their IMWUT/Ubicomp'18 paper. Congrats to Hang and Peng on their SecDev'18 paper.

2 May. 2018:
Three papers accepted to USENIX Security 2018! Shout out to Hang, Dongliang, Alex, Limin, Curtis, Shinan, Yuanchao, Dong, Haoyu, Yanzi! Big congrats!

12 Apr. 2018:
I am super thrilled to receive the NSF CAREER Award. Thank you NSF!

11 Apr. 2018:
My recent interview with The Washington Times on Internet scam.

22 Mar. 2018:
ACSAC 2018: Technical Program Committee.

3 Mar. 2018:
Congrats to Xiangwen, Peng, and Chun on their paper accepted by ASIACCS'18!

2 Mar. 2018:
We release our code of 10 different de-anonymization algorithms here. Related paper NDSS'18.

28 Feb. 2018:
Press coverage on our password project: New Scientist, Daily Express, The Sun, DailyMail

21 Feb. 2018
Thrilled to receive the Google Faculty Research Award (security category)!

25 Jan. 2018
Interviewed by The New York Times on IoT and Smart devices.

11 Dec. 2017
eCrime 2018: Technical Program Committee.

7 Dec. 2017
ICWSM 2018: Technical Program Committee.

Recent interviews on online shopping scam/phishing:
VT News, CNN, Local8Now.

28 Oct. 2017
USENIX Security 2018 Program Committee.

26 Oct. 2017
Our paper on location privacy is accepted by NDSS 2018. Congrats to Huandong and Chen!

1 Apr. 2017
Press coverage on our app collusioin project: ACM TechNews,, NewScientist, The Sun, Business Insider, Independent, Daily Mail, IBT, VT News and more.

4 Jan. 2017
Interview with WVTF Radio NPR on scam, fake content and more

Press coverage on our Waze/Sybil device project
Fusion (1, 2), CBS News, Recode/CNBC, The Telegraph, Times of Israel, i24 News, TechCrunch, PC Magazine, KRMG News, SC Magazine, Santa Barbara Independent, Naked Security, Hackread, Slashdot, Tech Times, Daily Nexus, and many more.

1 Dec. 2017
Congrats to Chun, Steve, Hang and Douglas on the new CODASPY'18 paper!

18 May. 2017
My interview with WVTF/NPR Radio on WannaCry and Malware.

11 May. 2017
Congrats to Fang, Chun, and Andres on their USENIX Security paper on Mobile Deep Links!

26 Jul. 2017
Our project on mobile deep links are funded by NSF SaTC!

5 Aug. 2017
Two new papers accepted to CIKM'17. Big congrats to Rupinder, Taoran, Steve, Huan, and Tzu-Heng!

6 Jun. 2017
AISec 2017: Technical Program Committee (collocated with CCS'17).

25 Jan. 2017
New paper on Android security in AsiaCCS: congrats to Fang!

12 Dec. 2016
Our Periscope dataset is now available (13 million broadcasts, 416 million comments)

11 Dec. 2016
Congrats to Tianyi on the new TWEB paper!

19 Nov. 2016
Giving a talk on Sybil devices at DAT 2016

29 Sep. 2016
ICWSM 2017: Technical Program Committee.

1 Aug. 2016
WWW 2017: Technical Program Committee.

29 Jul. 2016
New IMC paper on personalized livestreaming system. Congrats to Bolun and Xinyi!

27 Apr. 2016
Waze issued a response to our research here.

21 Apr. 2016
Outstanding Dissertation Award 2016 @CS UCSB.

10 Apr. 2016
I am pleased to announce that I will join Virginia Tech as an assistant professor this Fall!

28 Mar. 2016
AISec 2016: Technical Program Committee (collocated with CCS'16).

26 Feb. 2016
A new paper in ICWSM'16: bias and misbehavior in 4square.

23 Feb. 2016
Our paper on crowdsourcing map security got accepted to MobiSys'16!

23 Nov. 2015
AAAI ICWSM 2016: Technical Program Committee.

6 Oct. 2015
IEEE SP 2016: Student Program Committee.

15 May 2015
UCSB Graduate Divission Dissertation Fellowship.

18 Mar. 2015
Our research website for crowdsourced stock trading is online now. Check it out!

17 Oct. 2014
LA Times article covering Whisper and our paper

27 Aug. 2014
My first HCI paper got accpted to CSCW'15! Another fun trip to Vancouver!

22 Jul. 2014
Our paper on anonymous social network got in IMC'14!

30 Jun. 2014
Our crowdturfing study covered by MIT Technology Review

7 May 2014
Our adversarial ML paper got in Usenix Security'14!

17 Feb. 2014
This is official now. I am going for internship at MSR Redmond this summer!

17 Sep. 2013
Paper accepted by HotNets'13! On the Validity of Geosocial Mobility Traces

11 Jul. 2013
IMC'13 accepted our paper on Twitter follower markets!

26 Apr. 2013
Our paper on clickstream Sybil detection was accepted by Usenix Security'13!

22 Feb. 2013
My internship paper on Drive-by download detection was accepted by DSN'13!

8 Feb. 2013
Our paper on Social Q&A was accepted by WWW'13!

8 Feb. 2013
Our paper on conflict graphs was accepted by SIGMETRICS'13!

21 Nov. 2012
Our paper on crowdsourcing Sybil detection was accepted by NDSS 2013!

Sep. 2012
Summer internship in LinkedIn security team!

12 Jun. 2012
Passed MAE: my first Ph.D. milestone!

20 Apr. 2012
Presented our paper in WWW'12, Lyon, France.

6 Jan. 2012
More press coverage about crowdturfing study, this time on  Boston Globe.

13 Dec. 2011
Articles about our study on malicious crowdsourcing services (or crowdturfing) on MIT Technology Review and Slashdot.